SCT tax regulation is coming! Here is the date

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati denied the allegations that there would be a SCT reduction in automobile prices at the beginning of this month. But he said that the SCT tax regulation would come instead. Today, its history has been revealed.

Excise tax assessment date has been announced: December 1

Technology prices continue to increase day by day due to many factors such as exchange rate changes, high inflation, global chip and supply crisis. Turkey was among the countries most affected by this situation. On the basis of the sector, it was automotive.

For this reason, the expectation of discounts appeared in the citizens who will buy cars. There are two ways to achieve this. First, the possible SCT reduction may directly affect the prices. Secondly, the re-activation of the levels that have lost their validity with the SCT base regulation may reduce the prices.

What would the car prices be without SCT?

What would the car prices be without SCT?

We have brought together the SCT-free prices of the most popular cars in our country, where many brands and models are sold.

In fact, the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati, in his statements earlier this month, stated that it is more likely to make a tax base adjustment instead of a SCT reduction. As a matter of fact, it met with the representatives of the Automotive Authorized Dealers Association (OYDER) today.

In the interviews he gave after the meeting, he said that the final stage was reached in the regulation of the tax base in the car. In fact, this new regulation will enter our lives as of December 1st. He also said on the subject:

In addition to consultation-oriented opinions and suggestions, we have comprehensively discussed the outputs of the applications we have commissioned.

With the SCT tax regulation to be made, the gap in the levels will be filled. For example, if the 50 percent segment is reduced to the range of 400 thousand TL to 450 thousand TL instead of 120 thousand TL to 150 thousand TL, these levels will come back to life and the prices of the cars will decrease according to the entry label into Turkey.

Current automobile SCT base rates are as follows:

  • Engine displacement not exceeding 1600 cc
    • SCT base 120 thousand TLnot exceeding – 45 percent
    • SCT base 120 thousand TLover the 150 thousand TLnot exceeding – 50 percent
    • SCT base 150 thousand TLover the 175 thousand TLnot exceeding – 60 percent
    • SCT base 175 thousand TLover the 200 thousand TLnot exceeding – 70 percent
    • Others – 80 percent
  • Engine displacement above 1600 cc and below 2000 cc
    • SCT base 130 thousand TLnot exceeding – 45 percent
    • SCT base 130 thousand TLsurpassing, 210 thousand TLnot exceeding – 50 percent
    • Others – 80 percent

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