Scooter companies met with the municipality! First statement

The collection of scooters on the pavement by municipal teams in Kadıköy, Istanbul, had a great place in the agenda of both the country and social media. While the companies providing scooter rental services were the first to react to this situation, a meeting was held with the mayor. One of the first statements came from BinBin!

The meeting attended by BinBin and other initiatives offering the same service, Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, Mayor of KadıköyIt was hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Buğra Gökçe and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan.

Statement from BinBin after the municipality meeting came

We would like to emphasize once again that as the micromobility sector, which has set out to find solutions to traffic, one of the main problems of many cities, that shapes the transportation model of the future today, it is not possible for us to implement practices that will make the life of pedestrians more difficult.

We are ready to take every step necessary to make the life of every individual living in the regions we serve easier. In this context, we have conveyed to the municipality authorities that we are always open to this cooperation with our high-tech devices, and that in cases where our devices need to be collected, we can open the locks with remote access if we are informed instead of cutting the locks.

According to the information given by Kadıköy Municipality, there are 5More than 00,000 people reside and although 25 percent of these people are over 65 years old, the traffic of Kadıköy, which is an important social center for Istanbul, reaches 2-3 million people daily with thousands of people coming from different districts.

At this point, micromobility vehicles, which will be the transportation model of the future, come to the fore as the easiest, usable, safe and environmentally friendly solution to ease the regional traffic. Today, it is a visible fact that the rate of accidents with micromobility vehicles is much less than the accidents with fossil fuel vehicles.

No loss of life was experienced in accidents with micromobility vehicles, especially e-scooters, within the borders of Kadıköy Municipality. In this respect, it is obvious that e-scooters offer a safe solution to the traffic problem.

We find it very valuable that such a dialogue has been initiated in order to make e-scooters a harmonious part of city life, not only in Istanbul or Kadıköy, but also in all provinces and districts we serve in general. However, as a company currently serving in 71 districts in 15 provinces, we believe that the solutions to be created by the Metropolitan Municipalities and the Ministry of Transport will be more inclusive and effective.

On this occasion, we would like to inform the public that after this meeting, it was decided to establish a workshop under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and that as BinBin, we will work to provide our best contribution with a constructive and solution-oriented approach during this workshop.

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