Scientists found water on the surface of Mars!

Northern Arizona University and Johns Hopkins University Researchers announced that they found water on the surface of Mars. Northern Arizona University (NAU) doctoral candidate Ari Koeppel recently on Mars Arabia Terra He said they found traces of water in the area.

Arabia Terra is located in the northern latitudes of Mars. Italian astronomer in 1879 Giovanni Schiaparelli The region, named by , covers an area slightly larger than the European continent.

Astronauts in danger: NASA delays spacewalk!

NASA announced that it has postponed the spacewalk, which astronauts planned to do early this morning, due to the threat of space junk.

They turned to satellites to find water on the surface of Mars!

Arabia Terra, craters, volcanic calderas, canyons. Scientists have done research on these rock layers and how they were formed. The work of Koeppel, who conducted research with his advisors, NASA Mars Data Analysis Program funded by and geology was published in the magazine.

Is there water on the surface of Mars?

research team, Anthem rocks on the surface water findings analyzed to detect They studied environments between 3 and 4 billion years ago and whether there were climatic conditions suitable for life on the surface. They analyzed how long it could be stable if water was present, and what the atmosphere and surface temperature might be like.

scientists thermal inertia focused. Sand with small and loose particles quickly gains and loses heat. However, a solid rock stays hot for a long time after dark. By looking at the surface temperatures, they determined the physical properties of the rocks in the study area.

Using data from satellites, the team looked at thermal inertia, as well as evidence of erosion, the condition of craters and what minerals are present. Koeppel, of water Only a short time announced that he was. So what are the conditions that allow water to be present on the Martian surface for a short time? Scientists have turned to searching for answers to these and other similar questions.

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