Scientists Find Evidence of a Flying Dragon in Chile

Scientists have found evidence that the winged dinosaur, also known as the “flying dragon,” lived in Chile millions of years ago.

Acta Palaentologica Polonica According to a report published in the journal 160 million years An early bird known to have lived around the Northern Hemisphere pterosaur with group “flying dragonHe found evidence that ” was found in Chile.

Fossil of dinosaur type, South Americalocated in in the Atacama desert was discovered. This discovery; It has wings, an elongated tail, and very sharp teeth. Juna Period reptile is located in the Southern Hemisphere first evidence.

The first specimens of this species found in the Southern Hemisphere:

The flying dragon fossil found in Chile was first discovered in 2009. Ataca Desert National History and Culture Museum manager Osvaldo Rojas by Cerritos Bayos discovered in town. Later, researchers found the remains of an unknown species of flying reptile from the Jurassic Period.

Working on the relics found University of Chile’According to the data obtained by this fossil Rhamphorhybchinae It is thought to be a member of the subfamily. This means that these discovered fossils are related to the Rhamphorhynchinae subfamily discovered in the Southern Hemisphere. first examples means it is.

The name at the beginning of the research on the remains Jonathan Alarconthat the discoveries belonging to this group generally originate from Europe and that the skeletal fragments found in Chile do not exceed the hitherto known of the distribution of animals belonging to this group throughout the world. much larger scale underlines that it could mean

“Once they may have come and stayed”

Rhamphorhynchinae fossil

The discovery also revealed that most of the landmass in the southern globe of the world was taken as a whole. Gondwana the link between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and the possible to immigration also winking.

“Cuba has pterozoans from this group and apparently coastal animals; so they probably either migrated between the North and the South or they came and stayed once, we don’t know,” he said.

Prior to this discovery, it was in Australia in 2019. 96 million years old A fossil of a flying reptile was found. The same year, with the discovery of a flying reptile buried in a glacier in Canada, this species made its mark as a new species among the largest flying animals in history.

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