Scientists Could Make Mars Habitable

When it comes to life in space, life on the Red Planet Mars, which is often thought of with its similarities to our Earth, may be possible in the near future. Scientists have proposed to make the planet habitable by improving the magnetic field of Mars.

Data from the surface of Mars in visits so far show that the planet was once warmer and watery shows that. On Mars, which has similar features to our Earth due to its physical conditions and structure. exploration work continues rapidly.

In these studies, in the formation period of the Red Planet four billion years ago, as in the Earth, strong into a magnetic field has draws attention. Scientists looking for a way to live on another planet, Mars magnetic field by developing livable suggested making it.

Nuclear power plants are needed to create a magnetic field


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A team including NASA’s chief scientist, James Lauer Green, analyzed Mars’ magnetic field. by activating people of Mars deadly effects from the atmosphere to protect suggested. In this way, researchers predicted for life on Mars. an important step He stressed that he will be fired. in January 2022 Acta Astronautica According to the article to be published in the journal “For long-term human life to be established on Mars, the planet must be reshaping needs. According to scientists, the planet’s ability to become similar to our Earth is due to the magnetic field it has. preservation and with the development can happen.

In order to make Mars habitable, the scientists conducting the study primary goal, atmospheric pressure without the need for an extra clothing people to survive above the Armstrong Limit. As long as it does not reach this pressure limit, the water in people’s lungs, eyes or saliva will heat up. disappears and people live here not possible.


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Researchers find the iron core of Mars to restart and around the planet an artificial current creating a magnetic field to develop aims. However, this is the minimum required for the creation of the magnetic field. 10¹⁷ joules (J) to a power source around will be needed is being considered. This rate is almost the same as in the world in 2020. of all people equal to power consumption. Such power is probably only with nuclear power plants can be provided.

Researchers say a magnetic field is 100% necessary for life on Mars. although he doesn’t say In the light of the studies done so far, it is possible to expect a Martian life without a magnetic field. not possible is being considered.

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