Scientists: Ads Will Be Placed in Our Dreams

Three researchers from MIT, Harvard and Montreal universities announced in their article that marketing companies will place advertisements in our dreams. It has been reported that the rate of companies that have invested in this field in the last 3 years is 77%.

With the development of technology, it has become easier for companies to obtain information about us. Thanks to this information collected, a chain reaction occurs and an advertising platform sells this information that collects the information, and that advertising platform uses this information to sell ads to another company. show for users. The more private or public he shows, the more money he gets from that company. In the end, the company that advertises makes money when we visit, shop or benefit from it.

But a study by three researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard and Montreal universities showed that the advertising industry is moving to a much higher level. Researchers, marketing companies that people can place ads in their dreams explained.

77% of marketers have turned to this technology in the last three years:

According to an article shared by researchers specializing in sleep and human cognition in the journal Aeon, 77% of marketers have started planning to migrate to ‘dream advertising’ technology within the last 3 years. Thus, it was stated that companies are openly testing a new way of changing and directing purchasing behavior through sleep and dream hacking.

Of course, marketing companies won’t be directly accessing our brains like in the Inception movies. Instead, companies use it before or during sleep to influence dream content. by offering stimulants that stimulate the brain will enable us to see a specific product or service in our dreams. These stimulants can be a video or a sound when you look at the phone before going to bed at night. Or, with much more advanced and studied stimulants, this can be done without making us feel it directly.


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There was an example of this:

In the article, the researchers also gave a living example of the dream hacking attempt. US-based beverage company Molson Coors, known as the ‘dream incubator’dream incubationHe tried to use the ‘ technology for the sale of alcoholic products. On February 7, 2021, ahead of the Super Bowl, the company designed a study called ‘targeted dream incubation’ in which consumers tried to enter their dreams and promised free beer to those who would participate in the experiment.

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