Scientific Article Written by ChatGPT Considered True!

A group of scientists in the UK wrote an article to ChatGPT without informing anyone. Later, the scientists who presented this article to the referee committee were able to get approval for the article. So why did scientists do such a thing?

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular artificial intelligence tools of recent times. ChatGPT. The tool, which we can define as a chat bot in the simplest terms, can also produce articles if requested. The last step in this regard is that a scientific article written by ChatGPT can easily be published by anyone. cannot be understood it reveals. Let’s take a closer look at a strange event in the UK.

A group of scientists working at Plymouth Marjon University said:Chat and Cheating: Ensuring Academic Integrity in the Age of ChatGPTThey wrote an article called “. The purpose of this article is to print academic articles to ChatGPT as a that it’s cheating was the defense. So far everything was normal. The referee committee of the Education and Teaching International Journal reviewed the article in question. Confirmed.

But this article was written by ChatGPT himself!

The truth about the article, which the professors had approved by the academic committee without informing, was later revealed. The lead author of the article, Prof. Debby Cotton, article write to artificial intelligence, said that they have done such a study to show the potential of ChatGPT. “Technology is evolving so fast and it will be hard for universities to beat it.‘ said the scientist, that this is actually a arms race said that.


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Another name that made statements on the subject was computer scientist Thomas Lancaster. Lancaster, for the artificial intelligence-generated article “English usage and grammatical quality are also often a problem. better than student.“While using his statements, he said that an atmosphere of panic started to form in universities.”If all we have before us is a written document, it’s incredibly difficult to prove that it was written by a machine.“, said the scientist, for the performance measurement of universities. new ways stated that it needs improvement.

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