Science Journals Begin Banning ChatGPT Use

Science journals have stated that they will not publish the articles of scientists who show the self-learning artificial intelligence ChatGPT as a ‘co-author’ in their articles.

Thousands of people who published their articles in science journals began to be banned from science journals. Moreover, the specific articles they published began to be removed from science journals. The reason is ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence that has been on the agenda most recently.

Recently, academics and/or scientists have published self-learning artificial intelligence in science journals. Articles written with the help of ChatGPT they started publishing. Science journals announced that they will now put an end to this situation.

Articles by scientists portraying artificial intelligence as ‘co-authors’ are banned in science journals

One of the biggest reasons for this is that an artificial intelligence bot the fact that he cannot be held responsible for his actions like a human being explains science journals. The most popular science magazine in the USA. of Science Editor-in-Chief Holden Thorp said in a statement:

“Leading scientific journals ask authors to sign a form declaring that they are responsible for their contribution to the study. ChatGPT cannot be considered as an author because it cannot do that.”


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ChatGPT is also not a very reliable source, Thorp said, as many of the research papers it produces there are errors. As a result, leading science journals will no longer publish articles that ChatGPT is in the editorial section.

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