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Scott Melker, one of the well-known crypto analysts, says that these 6 altcoin projects offer “100x opportunities”. Melker became a household name for his versatility in “The Wolf of All Streets.” As, we transfer the altcoins followed by Melker to you…

Analyst says these 6 altcoin projects offer opportunity

Recognized analyst Melker is best known for his podcasts with leading names in the crypto and financial industries such as Jim O’Shaughnessy and Michael Saylor. Melker, a crypto analyst and investor, shared the altcoins he observed with his 400 thousand followers on his Twitter account. “I am a trading investor,” the analyst says of himself.

Melker emphasizes that it continues to be volatile in traditional markets. The analyst takes a balanced approach to investing compared to most well-known crypto bulls. Also, the analyst explained that people should keep at least 60 percent to 70 percent of their investments in long-term investments. Apart from these, he states that he believes he should keep 15 percent in cash and 15 percent in trading. According to Melker, investors are underperforming within the market.

Analyst talks about investment areas in the crypto industry

The cryptocurrency industry is part of a broader portfolio that ranges from real estate to equity investments. According to Melker, 10 percent of investors’ net assets should be in cryptocurrencies. Recalling what he said earlier, he states:

In fact, by late 2019 I told people that I wasn’t comfortable with having more than 10 percent of my net worth in crypto. This view of mine has now changed. I now allow my investment in crypto to grow and make up a much larger percentage of my portfolio.

Melker announced the cryptocurrencies in its portfolio

The analyst continues that investors should follow the movements in the crypto market. It also shares cryptocurrencies in its portfolio. He holds 70 percent of his investments, primarily Bitcoin and the leading altcoin Ethereum, long-term. Moreover, the remainder of its long-term strategy focuses on trades that work extremely well. Melker says of altcoins:

Cryptocurrencies, you can earn 10/20/100 times your money in one trade. I will transfer the last 20 percent of this position to the investment portfolio. Then I’ll let it grow for years, or let it go. It can go all the way to zero because I’ve already made gains.

Not Bitcoin, ETH, SHIB: This Altcoin Becomes Official Coin!

However, the analyst also shares his views with stablecoins. Stablecoins are known as cryptocurrencies that are directly linked to an asset such as dollars or gold. The analyst, on the other hand, says the following about stablecoins:

I find this absolutely incredible. To me, it’s actually probably the biggest innovation in the crypto space in the last one to two years.

Melker shares his views on the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin and the leading altcoin Ethereum

Melker has focused on two key cryptos, even for investors new to cryptocurrency trading and investing. He said that investors should focus on movements in Bitcoin and Ethereum in general right now. Melker states that the 80% Bitcoin and 20% ETH strategy is reasonable. Along with all this, he reminded again that these are purely personal opinions. In one of his past interviews, Melker revealed that he had an ETH target of $3,600 for the first months of the year, and it happened 3 days later.

btc eth

Melker conveys his expectations regarding ETH and BTC as follows:

I think Ethereum will easily hit $10k in this cycle. I honestly think ETH could go much higher. I think Bitcoin will go towards $200K, $230K or $235K.

Which altcoin projects offer opportunities?

Melker drew attention to these altcoins as markets became more efficient. He also believes that even if the majority of volatility declines, there are opportunities for crypto investors to make big gains:

If you are extremely knowledgeable and collect altcoins well. I would say to one of them that you can make literally 100 times the money in a week. It makes a lot of sense to take a few of these opportunities with a smaller amount of capital.


In addition, the analyst shared five altcoins he currently holds, which he believes have great potential as long-term investments rather than short-term trades.

  • LINK: The native token of the Chainlink network is YTD: 300 percent.
  • DOT: Polkadot network native token YTD: 345 percent
  • EGLD: EGold token to Elrond network YTD: 590 percent
  • UTK: UTrusts company token YTD: 414 percent
  • POLS: Melker states in his personal opinion that altcoin is a very successful trade.

Finally, Melker also had the memecoin project Dogecoin, which rose more than 20 thousand percent in a year with the support of celebrities and entrepreneurs such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In short, the analyst, who did not want to touch on the subject further, said:

To be honest. I don’t want to talk about it. Because it hurts right now.

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