Satellite Connection Feature Coming to Samsung Phones

According to the information conveyed by the South Korean press, Samsung rolled up its sleeves to offer the satellite connection feature in the new Galaxy S23 series. The company started working with a US-based satellite-communication company.

With the new iPhone 14 series, Apple introduced the satellite connection feature that can save your life even in harsh conditions. The feature, which became available in the US and Canada last week, Will it come to Android phones? was a matter of interest.

Of course, Android manufacturers were expected to invest in this technology to protect competition. The first news on this issue came today. According to the news shared by South Korean media ETNews, Samsung is in the new Galaxy S23 series. rolled up its sleeves to introduce the satellite link feature.

“With Samsung Galaxy S23, even photos can be sent from points without mobile connection”

According to the news from Samsung’s home country, the company offers satellite connection on Galaxy S23 devices. Iridium Communications started working with The US-based communications company has a total of 66 active satellites in orbit today. The company offers communication service especially for satellite connected mobile phones.

With satellite connection, Samsung is not just texting and calling, low resolution photo submission plans to make it possible. However, it is not yet known in which countries the feature will be available.

How does Apple provide satellite connectivity? We have explained before:

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