Sandals of Steve Jobs Sold at Record Price!

A pair of sandals that belonged to Steve Jobs sold for a record price at an auction. An unnamed buyer paid $218k for the NFT included with the sandal.

Legendary CEO of US-based technology giant Apple Steve JobsA pair of sandals belonging to . These sandals are at auction by Julien’s Auctions. $218,000 paid. The auction house did not reveal the identity of the buyer.

sandals put up for auction, In the 1970s to 1980s It was used by Steve Jobs. Don’t believe the price is that high either; These sandals weren’t gold plated or anything. Product, BirkenstockIt was one of the classic models of.

Here are the sandals sold for 218 thousand dollars!

The Birkenstocks, which found buyers at a record price, were considered to be no longer used at that time, and was thrown away. Someone who saw this had also hidden the sandals. Over the years, the sandals that have passed into the hands of the family, has been shown in various exhibitions. In 2018, it was announced that these sandals were worn by Steve Jobs under the uniform.

So how did this shoe sell for such a high price?

Steve Jobs sandals

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t make much sense to buy an ordinary shoe for such a high price. The auction house accepts it. In the statement, the auction 60 to 80 thousand dollars It is thought that it will be completed between NFTIt is stated that the entry of .


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NFT, which is connected to the blockchain network called Polygon, is a part of Steve Jobs’ sandals. 360 degree rotating It includes a video. The buyer, whose name has not been disclosed, is now the owner of this NFT.


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