Samsung’s Smart Masks Revealed

The smart mask, which Samsung has been working on for a while, came to light with the new patent received by the company.

Smart masks are not a new technology, and various products that filter the air have appeared since the pandemic. Samsung seems to aim to take leadership in the market while improving the quality of inhaled air with its new smart mask. The patents of the mask developed by the South Korean giant also give us information about its possible features.

Chip sensor mask

When we look at the drawings in the patents, we see that under the outer layer one chip, several layers of filter And it is noticeable that there are plenty of sensors. There is also a fan and battery on the mask. The application that comes with the mask provides information about the rotation speed of the fan, battery status, how much fresh air you are getting, and how long you have been wearing the mask.

mask app

The working principle of the mask is quite simple. on the mask MA-60, MA-80 or MA-94 There are filters such as these, and these filters are used to clean the inhaled air. on the sides of the mask sensors It checks the cleanliness of the filters. The fan is used to facilitate breathing. The processor, which evaluates the collected data, automatically directs the mask.

mask patent

The filters inside the mask are also have different colors and based on these color differences, sensors can separate filter layers. If the layers are clean, the mask works slowly and saves battery. As the contamination rate increases, the rotation speed of the fan also increases.

Actually, for this mask, late last year Samsung He had received a patent, but receiving such a detailed patent from the US Patent Office increases the likelihood that we will see the mask in the near future.


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