Samsung Won’t Have Under-Display Camera on Galaxy S22 Series

It turned out that South Korean technology giant Samsung will not include an under-screen camera in the Galaxy S22 series. The Twitter user who revealed the information also shared the camera features of the phones in the Galaxy S22 series.

Recently, many companies under screen camera focused on technology. Last month, Xiaomi’s phone with under-screen camera Mi Mix 4 camera quality disappointed many people.

After this development, many technology enthusiasts next flagship He began to wonder if there would be an under-screen camera in the S22 family, which will be If you are wondering whether Samsung will use this technology, we have bad news for you.

The S22 family will not have an under-screen camera:

Famous for the accuracy of its leaks about Samsung phones on Weibo and Twitter. Ice Universe user, about the camera of the Samsung S22 family much more efficient but under the screen on the front will not be used explained.

Ice Universe has announced that there will be a major update to the rear cameras of the Samsung S22 and S22+. The main camera on the back 50MP will be and 3x with zoom 12MP telephoto lens and 12 MP He said it will have an ultra-wide-angle lens. On the front, in the perforated camera design we saw in previous models. 10MP announced that a selfie camera will be used.


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On the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the same rear camera system can be used, but the front camera 40MP Ice Universe, which announced that it will be to 10x He also stated that it can have as much zoom.

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