Samsung will use two under-display cameras

Being among the first companies to use under-screen camera technology, Samsung has accelerated its efforts to make under-display cameras more widespread. According to the leaked information, Samsung has developed facial recognition technology that works with two under-screen cameras.

Facial recognition technologies have become quite safe thanks to infrared sensors. Companies had to give up infrared sensor technologies for under-screen camera technologies. It turned out that Samsung will use two under-screen cameras in the face recognition system for faster and safer operation.

Samsung performs facial recognition with two under-screen cameras

A patent application filed by Samsung to KIPRIS (Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) in March 2021 has been shared. The document in question includes details of the technology that will take pictures of users from two different angles in order to better create a 3D model of the face.

The under-screen camera technology, which first appeared in the Galaxy Fold series, will evolve into a dual camera in the next model. Although there is no exact information yet, it is estimated that the second under-screen camera will be placed at the bottom.

In the details of the patent, it is stated that a special technology will be used because the pupil size varies according to the light conditions. In this way, the possibility of deceiving the face recognition technology with materials such as photographs and masks will decrease.

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