Samsung Will Also Produce Storage Spaces of iPhones!

It has been claimed that the company will knock on Samsung’s door due to the fact that Apple’s suppliers in China are on the radar of the USA. Samsung could become Apple’s main storage supplier.

US-based technology giant Apple in iPhone production turned out to be some problems. According to information obtained, Apple had to give up one of its major suppliers in China due to the US government’s trade rules. The company is one of its biggest competitors to manufacture smartphones. to Samsung will lead…

The U.S. government is trying to put pressure on China. trade embargoes is implementing. One of them is that unlicensed chip manufacturers cannot do business with US companies. Here is Yangtze Memory Technologies, one of Apple’s largest storage space suppliers (YMTC) among manufacturers who cannot obtain a license. As such, it seems that Apple will have to give up this brand.

40 percent of iPhones to be sold in China would use parts produced by this brand!

Apple and YMTC reached an agreement at the beginning of 2022. Produced by YMTC according to this agreement storage unitswould be used on 40 percent of iPhones to be sold in China. However, the licensing decision from the US government caused these accounts to fail. However, let me state that nothing is finalized for now. The US government, YMTC within 60 days may request documents that he/she wants to collect. If the documents are approved, the work can continue.


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In fact, Samsung has always produced parts for the iPhone!

If you think there is only competition between Apple and Samsung, you are wrong. So much so that Apple has already knocked on Samsung’s door for OLED display panels, storage units and RAM and asked it to produce for itself. In fact, Samsung, the number one supplier of RAM in iPhones, accounts for 40 percent of its capacity in terms of storage space. Dedicated to iPhones. The new decision has led to wondering whether Samsung will change the production schedule for Apple.


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