Samsung ViewFinity S8 Introduced: Here are the Features and Price

Samsung introduced its new monitor, ViewFinity S8, designed for professionals. Offering 4K resolution, the monitor stands out with its certificates and technical features.

South Korean technology giant Samsung introduced its brand new monitor at an event it organized. ViewFinity S8announced the. Working on content creators and visualization professionals for The monitor, which will attract attention in terms of the designed monitor, two different size options and other technical features, seems to satisfy many people with its price. Let’s take a look at this monitor together.

Samsung ViewFinity S8 is available in 27-inch (S61B) and 32-inch (S80PB) sizes. in both sizes 4K resolution support is offered. The monitor, which has a contrast value of 1,000:1, supports 98 percent of the DCI-P3 color space. Both sizes offer HDR10+ support in common, while DisplayHDR 400 in the 27-inch version and DisplayHDR 400 in the 32-inch version. DisplayHDR 600 has a certificate. Let’s say that the monitor has a latency of 5 ms.

Introducing the Samsung ViewFinity S8

The monitor designed by Samsung for professionals is also professional with its features. The company, which uses a matte finish to remove shine, UL certification It has been confirmed that it prevents glare with On the other hand; PANTONE SkinTone certification is also on the monitor. color accuracy taken for registration.


DisplayPort, ethernet port, HDMI 2.0The monitor, which has USB Type-C and USB Type-A connection options, can provide USB power up to 90 watts. Finally, this professional monitor has a tilt, swivel and height adjustable stand Let me tell you it comes with.


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According to the statements made by Samsung, the ViewFinity S8 with 27-inch screen, 558 dollars can be purchased in return. The price of the 32 inch version is 635 dollar declared as. The company did not make a statement about whether the monitor will come to Turkey.

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