Samsung smart watch bands are now more environmentally friendly!

Not only Samsung, but also many technology manufacturers have been trying to pay maximum attention to environmentalism in recent years. Companies reinforce their claims to be carbon neutral with year-to-year reports and compete with each other to be green. This sometimes comes from smartphone boxes.removing chargers Samsung has taken another step towards environmentalism.

OnePlus Buds Z2 headset design revealed

OnePlus company’s new wireless headset model Buds Z2 appeared! New leaks revealed the design and some details of the device.

Samsung started to produce smart watch bands from apple peel

Sometimes the solutions produced by technology companies may sound strange, but Samsung’s new product will seem strange to all of you at first. Apple peel cord, one of the innovative designs produced by Sami Miro for Samsung, is indeed on sale. Galaxy Watch 4 The price of the cords, which are moved to the shelves in limited numbers, is $39.99. We can also say that they look quite stylish despite the material they are made of.

With this environmentally friendly production method of good designs It would be nice if the bands that come out of the box in the later models of the Galaxy Watch series are made of apple peel, since no compromises are made. For reduce carbon footprint Even changing the material of our watch bands can make a big impact.

Samsung’s environmental steps are not the first, but since last year; At plants in China, USA and Europe They use 100 percent renewable energy. Even though technology is our future, while we develop it, we protect nature. big damages Therefore, we are happy that technology giants take steps regarding environmentalism.