Samsung Prepares to Build Chip Factory in Texas

Samsung is said to be preparing to build a massive chip factory near Teslan’s factory in Texas. It is thought that the billion-dollar factory will benefit both Tesla and Samsung in terms of the chosen location.

With the effect of the pandemic, which affects many sectors, especially automotive, chip crisisadded to the future plans of companies to increase investments in this field. For example, Intel announced that it would invest approximately $20 billion to increase chip production.

Another company that is preparing to take an important step in this regard is Samsung. The Korean technology giant will open in Texas in the USA 17 billion dollars It is said to be in talks for a giant chip manufacturing facility.

They will be neighbors with Tesla:

According to the information given to the press by an anonymous source, Samsung has been working for a while to find the most suitable location for the facility to open. After the studies carried out, the most suitable place in terms of both investment incentives and geographical location is near Tesla’s factory in Austin, Taylor a named region.

Samsung is a major supplier to Tesla and the two companies own Tesla. fully autonomous driving technology is an important cooperation has a plan. Therefore, such a move seems to be of great benefit to both Tesla and Samsung.


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In addition, another advantage of Samsung opening a factory in the region will be tax reductions. If Samsung decides on Taylor, it’s about From a $300 million tax break It is said to benefit. It is said that the planned factory will be a huge facility of approximately 15 thousand square kilometers.

It is said that Samsung will hold talks with Taylor City officials next week to clarify its decision. After the decision is made Work will begin in 2022 and the factory is thought to be ready for production in 2024.

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