Samsung Pay will only work on Galaxy phones

There are many applications that make it possible to pay with NFC. Samsung’s their service Pay is one of these applications. However, the company has launched a payment app for third-party smartphones. Samsung PayHe started to cut his support. The situations seem quite complicated for the company, which removed the application from the Google Play Store.

Samsung Pay is shut down for non-Galaxy phones

After the screenshots shared on Reddit, the end of the road began to appear for Samsung Pay. Reddit users noticed that the payment service no longer works on smartphones that do not belong to the Galaxy family. However, it was curious that the South Korean technology giant did not make any official statements about Pay.

Samsung has taken an important step in foldable phone screens!

Samsung, which will soon introduce the Galaxy Fold 4 model, has taken an important step in the foldable phone screen.

The sign-in attempt of the Pay app by another brand’s smartphone “Invalid ID” warning was given. But it gets weird when the same ID is linked to the Samsung account on devices with other OS (e.g. Windows).

This oddity, which has become quite popular on Reddit, has been resolved with the explanation of Samsung’s powers. In the statement made from Samsung’s social media account, it will soon combine Pay and Pass service. Your Samsung Wallet was declared to be put into service.

We know that Samsung Wallet will be exclusive to Galaxy models only. In other words, the technology giant plans to make a smooth transition to Wallet by removing the Pass service in the near future.

Samsung recently introduced Samsung Wallet, a dedicated digital wallet for device users in the Galaxy family, combining the functions of Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass. Samsung Wallet, unlike other apps, is exclusive to Galaxy devices.

It is not known for now why Samsung is only focusing on Galaxy models. But with the Wallet move Apple Pay and Google Pay It doesn’t seem to want to compete with services like

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