Samsung Introduces New 200 MP Smartphone Camera

South Korean technology giant Samsung introduced the 200 MP camera sensor that will be included in the new generation smartphones. The sensor will also reduce the camera size with its low pixel size.

Although 108 MP cameras are still relatively new in the smartphone world, they have become the new standard and work continues for higher resolutions. Companies like Xiaomi and Motorola On 200MP camera While it is known that it works, another company that spared time for this technology was Samsung.

Announcing its first 200 MP resolution sensor last year, Samsung today is the third version of this camera. 200 MP ISOCELL HP3 sensor introduced. The company’s new sensor has also set a new record in the smartphone industry. The sensor is home to the smallest pixels.

Samsung’s new sensor consists of pixels with a size of only 0.56 millimeters. With this feature, the industry’s smallest 200 MP sensor, the new ISOCELL HP3, will thus be able to prevent a situation that we complain about on smartphones over time. With the decrease in pixel size, sensors are on phones. It will take up 20% less space and installations with huge camera lenses will also get smaller.

The new sensor is home to some important features as well as pixel size. You ask, 30 FPS video in 8K resolution with the support 120 FPS video in 4K resolution It also offers towing. In addition, all pixels of the sensor include Samsung’s Super QPD autofocus technology.

The new sensor also offers an improvement in low-light shooting performance, an area where smartphones still struggle. The new Tetra 2 pixel technology can combine 0.56 micrometer pixels into 4 pixels (50 MP) or 16 pixels (12.5 MP). Thus it turns out even in low light brighter and more vivid images can come out.

Samsung has announced that it will begin production of its new sensor this year.


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