Samsung Introduced Galaxy A03 Model Today

Samsung has added a new one to its smartphones with a new model introduced today. Introduced as Galaxy A03, the model is aimed to be both low-priced and satisfying users.

Samsung adds a new one to its smartphone models. The technology giant, which has been on the agenda with the price of the Galaxy S21 FE in the past days, seems to be trying to handle its business quietly this time. Samsung, which wants to add another new member to the Galaxy series, ‘Galaxy A03’ introduced its model phone today.

Samsung’s new smartphone, introduced as the Galaxy A03, just like its predecessor ‘low price’ known as a model. The company did not make any statement about the price of the device in its promotion today, but a few innovations stand out among its features. A03, like the previous phone in the series 6.5-inch HD+ resolution Infinity-V display owner. But we see a difference in his camera. with dual camera Galaxy A3, which will be presented to users 48MP main camera and 2MP depth sensor exists. device front camera is 5MP.

General features of Samsung Galaxy A03:

Features of your new smartphone on an image sharing company, A03 black, blue and red He states that it will come in three colors, but this may differ according to the markets. If it is among the general features of the device 5,000mAh battery and A 1.6 GHz multi-core processor is also included. In addition, device storage: ‘3GM RAM + 32GB storage space, 4GM RAM + 64GB storage space, 4 GM RAM + 127GB It will be presented with three options as ‘storage area’.


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in size Very similar to Galaxy A02 A03, which is the first of its kind, can take its place on the shelves before the end of this year. Since a price statement has not been made by the company, the price in Turkey is naturally not clear. However, new information about the Samsung Galaxy A03 introduced today is likely to come to light in the coming days. Stay tuned to our site for developments.

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