Samsung caught Apple with smart watch sales!

The first thing you think of when you think of a smart watch. Apple Watch may be coming. Apple is one of the companies that entered this market early. Its catchy name and somewhat distinctive design have stuck it in our minds as the definition of a smartwatch. However, there have been quite a few players in the smartwatch market in recent years. Galaxy Watch, known as the Apple Watch, with sales numbers It’s up to Apple’s neck.

New service schedule for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Explaining that there is no sound problem on iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models, Apple announced its free repair program.

Galaxy Watch 4 brought huge success to Samsung in the third quarter

A major player in the wearable technology market, Apple was also at the top with its smart watch. But reports for the third quarter of 2021 show that this is changing. When we look at the watches sold in the third quarter, we see that Samsung achieved great success thanks to the Galaxy Watch 4.

According to Counterpoint’s report, worldwide smartwatch sales increased by 16 percent compared to the same period last year. The third quarter was the period when Samsung sold the most smartwatches. Thanks to the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung reclaimed second place from Huawei. Thus, Apple has been followed.

samsung smart watch

We can say that the reason why Galaxy Watch 4 has achieved such a success is the operating system. In this generation, instead of the previously used Tizen operating system Wear OS prefered. Thus, users of the watch had the chance to download many Android applications, especially critical applications such as Google Maps.

One of the reasons for Samsung to achieve this success is that Apple brought the new generation late. Because the Apple Watch Series 7 was not available until October. Thus, the new generation was not included in the third quarter table. Therefore, those who want to buy a new generation watch preferred the Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung seeks affordable watches

It is a fact that entry and mid-level products are very popular in the Asian market. Samsung this year, price is under $100a has released 3 hours and it wants to increase it. Because these watches are easier to access because of their price. Samsung will produce more affordable watches next year.

samsung smart watch

If it puts these plans into action for Turkey, we may see more affordable smart watches from Samsung. Thanks to Xiaomi and Huawei, we have seen how interested in affordable wearable technology products are in our country.

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