Samsung cameras are actually better: Here are the settings hidden from you!

Perhaps one of the most used features of smartphones cameralari. Brands started to bring different technologies and features to improve the cameras of the devices. But some brands do not reveal all the camera features. Here are the hidden camera settings of the Samsung phones we have prepared for you. By making these settings, your phone You can significantly improve the camera quality.. Here are the details…

Adjustments that will significantly improve the camera quality of your Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra!

First of all, let’s start our news by comparing 3 different flagships. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Xiaomi 13 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro. As it is known in the 3 phones, it comes to the fore with its camera features. However, one of them is more artificial photos presenting. Moreover, although the lens quality is almost the same as other models.

This Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraIt stands out in . Compared to its competitors, the S23 Ultra offers more artificial photos. This problem is actually iPhone 14 Pro appears in the model. The reason is quite simple. Due to the software in the cameras, the photos are processed in a sharper and more textured way. This prevents natural transitions from coming to the fore. For this reason, the resulting photos seem as if they were created by an artificial intelligence.

Samsung acknowledged the camera problem in the Galaxy series!

Samsung acknowledged the camera problem in the Galaxy series!

Samsung made an important statement for the Galaxy S23 camera problem. Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus reported that updates will be given.

It is very easy to solve this situation on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Thanks to the camera settings we will provide, you will be able to access better quality photos in a very simple way. These settings not only on S23 Ultra, Former flagships like S23, S22You can also use it in Here are the settings that will increase your camera quality:

  1. Visual intelligenceturn off.
  2. From Galaxy Store Camera Assistant Download the app. (This application is a camera adjustment application for Samsung devices.)
  3. Via the app image smoothing optionTap what. And Click on the medium setting option. In this way, you will no longer have to use the 200 Megapixel camera shot to take natural photos.

And that’s all the transactions. As we mentioned at the beginning of the news, you do not need to make millions of adjustments for more natural and quality photos. It is possible to solve this problem in 3 steps. Same way Android operating system like XiaomiYou can reach the solution with similar steps on devices with .

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