Samsung builds another chip factory in the USA


Samsung also announced that it will create more than 2,000 high-tech jobs and thousands more by expanding its presence in the United States.

(Photo: dpa)

Seoul, Austin Samsung Electronics is building its $ 17 billion chip factory in the city of Taylor, Texas. The South Korean technology giant announced on Wednesday night. Construction is scheduled to start in the first half of 2022. The factory will create around 2,000 high-tech jobs.

Several US cities, including New York, competed for the bid. So far, the world’s largest memory chip manufacturer and the world’s second largest chip contract manufacturer has only operated one factory in the USA: in Austin. It is significantly smaller than the five square kilometer plant that is now planned. So far, the South Koreans have not communicated what exactly they want to manufacture in Taylor. All that is known is that these will be chips for mobile devices and autonomous cars.

With the establishment of the factory in Taylor, Samsung joins rivals TSMC and Intel, which are also expanding their capacities in the USA. US President Joe Biden has promised billions in subsidies to boost chip manufacturing and research in the US, to prevent future delivery bottlenecks like those currently in the auto industry and to compete with Asia.

So far, the majority of modern semiconductors have been manufactured in Asia.

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