Samsung Announces 8K Neo QLED and OLED TVs!

Samsung announced its 2023 model televisions at the launch in Izmir. Displayed with the slogan “More impressive than ever”, the televisions seem to enchant consumers with their 8K resolutions and high technologies.

South Korean technology giant Samsung made a special launch yesterday in Izmir. The company at this launch 2023 model He showed off their brand new TV. The products, which have impressive features, are the products of consumers who are currently looking for a new television. will be able to sway their minds they look like. Come all together SamsungLet’s take a closer look at the 2023 model televisions of Turkey.

Samsung’s “More impressive than everThe new televisions introduced with the slogan ” 8K resolution They promise unprecedented quality with their support. Neo QLED 8K and QD-OLED series televisions promise unprecedented quality when playing games or watching movies. Moreover, these televisions are not only with their image quality, but also with their with high technologies They also focus on providing a unique experience to consumers.

Samsung’s smart television models can be purchased in any size from 55 inches to 85 inches. In other words, you can choose Samsung’s brand new televisions for your living room or your living room. For detailed information about Samsung televisions, just click here.

With the SmartThings app, you can experience a true “smart home”

Samsung’s 8K resolution televisions are already magnificent with their image quality. But that’s not the only thing that makes these products great. of Samsung SmartThings 2023 model televisions, in which the application is integrated, enable all supported devices to be connected to each other. “internet of thingsYou will be able to experience a real smart home by using Samsung products in your homes with the system known as “technology”.

You can also enjoy the game with the 98-inch Neo QLED 8K TV

Samsung Neo QLED 8K

Neo QLED 8K, one of Samsung’s 2023 smart TVs, 98 inch screen size with can be preferred. If this model is purchased, it can be used in full compatibility with graphics cards. Thus, video game enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience a game they have never seen before on Samsung televisions equipped with microLED technology. 8K AI upscaling and features like Auto HDR Remastering will help make low resolution history.


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It’s not just the image. Samsung’s flagship TV in 2023, the QN900C, will feature Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony 3.0 With its audio technologies, it will offer an immersive experience both while playing video games and watching movies.

Samsung OLED tv

One of Samsung’s 2023 model televisions is the S95C. Although there is a television almost zero frame The product is one of the latest examples of Samsung’s LaserSlim design language. Launching the S95C as “the world’s first pantone-approved HDR OLED technology”, Samsung is in this model. to perfect color accuracy means to be reached.


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“We are number one in the industry!”

The person who made statements on the subject at the events held in Izmir, Samsung Electronics Vice President of Consumer Electronics Sales and Marketing Mert Gursoy it happened. Reminding 39 R&D centers and the investment of 14 billion dollars in this sector, Gürsoy said: We have been the leader in the global TV market for 17 consecutive years in the field of television. We have been the number 1 TV brand in our country for 7 years.. Considering the expectations of our users, we make innovations that offer a customizable, connected and high-end TV experience.

If you want to review and buy Samsung’s television models with impressive features, you can click here.

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