Sales decision for the famous airline company Pegasus!

Istanbul based airline company Pegasus There has been an important development. Esas Holding, which owns 62.91 percent of the company, and some shareholders announced that the sale of 7 percent of their shares has been completed. The details of the said sale transaction were revealed in the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform on the subject.

7 percent of Pegasus sold

The issued capital of Esas Holding 6.25 percent6,393,732 shares, corresponding to . 0.75in total, including 767,250 shares, corresponding to 7,160,982 piece your share to qualified institutional investors It was announced that the sale was completed by the bookkeeping method.

Pegasus A decision was made for the sale. In total, 2.25 billion lira of shares were sold.

Sales price per share within the scope of the transaction 315 TL and the gross proceeds from the transaction amounted to approximately TL 2.6 billion (2,255,709,330 TL) corresponds. After the sale, Esas Holding’s share in Pegasus was announced as 56.66 percent and the share of real person shareholders in the company as 1.82 percent. On the other hand, it should be noted that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Securities acted as “Demand Collectors” in the sale transaction.

Twitter shares are removed from the New York stock market!

Twitter shares are removed from the New York stock market!

Twitter shares will be delisted from the New York Stock Exchange, according to the filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Finally, in the statement 6.25 percentselling his share Main HoldingIt was underlined that Pegasus will remain the majority shareholder and will maintain its management control. on the other hand holding companyIt was stated that the commitment and support of Pegasus will continue.

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