has crashed! Here is the problem

In our country, especially automobile trade It is the first platform that comes to mind when it is said and from white goods to the phone. from tv to ship Since morning hours, is the most popular marketplace for any product you can think of. partial access issue with on the agenda.

Ads from the owner have not been opened for a while

Some functions work very slowly on the site, there is no problem on the home page. However, when you want to enter any ad, “An error occurred while loading the page. Please try again later.You are faced with the ” warning.

In our tests, we saw that some ads were opened and some were not accessible at all. February 7, 2022 – As of 09:44 while the problem persistsusers have started to talk about the problem they are experiencing on social media platforms.

While there is no official statement yet, we think that the problem will be resolved in a short time, as the access to the advertisements continues partially.

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