S23’s Interface One UI 5.1 Features Leaked

The features of One UI 5.1, the interface that the Samsung Galaxy S23 family will have, which will be introduced next week, have been leaked.

The newest members of Samsung’s flagship series S will be introduced worldwide on the first day of February, just before we enter. A little while before the release of the Galaxy S23 family Several of its features have been leaked to social media.

The new One UI update will be available to Galaxy S23 series users out of the box. It is said that the update will come with some important new features, let’s take a look at them.

A few innovations are coming to the camera application

An “Effects” option will be added to the camera app that can adjust the shadow of your selfies. The update will also enable users in the Advanced Menu option without squeezing any details from Galaxy S23 series devices. take high resolution images It will also bring Expert RAW support.

There will be shared albums in the Gallery app

The Gallery app will receive a Shared Family Album feature that makes it easy to share photos with your family. The Gallery app will also allow you to recognize faces and add photos to your shared family album. In addition, each user in a family It will have 5GB of cloud storage.

In addition, a feature that automatically removes shadows and reflections in images is coming to the gallery application. Gallery app can download certain media files to convert to GIFs You will have a vehicle that works.

The metadata of an image or video, which includes details about location and time, will be accessible by swiping up. More than one person can be searched at the same time in the search section of the gallery. Gallery app, you get option to choose the folder where you want to save the screenshots will also present.

A widget will be added to show the charging status of all Galaxy devices

Smart widgets were one of the highlights of One UI 5.0. With 5.1 users, a new widget that will show the battery status of all Galaxy devices directly on the home screen they will have. An updated weather widget will also be included in the update.

The ‘multiple lock screen’ feature of iOS 16 will be similar to Samsung’s in the new version:

One of the most loved features of iOS 16. Multiple lock screen designs featureIt also comes to the Samsung S23 family with One UI 5.1.


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Many of the remaining innovations are not very appealing to the everyday user. How did you find the features that One UI 5.1 will bring? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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