Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

the Situation on the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea annexed by Russia in the Black Sea is still confusing. Apparently is Munitions explode at a Russian airbase. Videos circulated on social networks on Tuesday showing explosions and large clouds of smoke near bathing beaches. They are said to have been taken in the village of Nowofyodorovka, not far from the seaside resort of Yevpatoria. One person was killed, Crimean boss Sergei Aksjonov said, according to Russian agencies. Seven other people, including two children, were injured, according to local sources.

Observers went from one act of sabotage out, since the Ukrainian troops on the mainland are more than 200 kilometers away. According to previous reports, the Ukrainian army does not have any missiles with this range. One Source in the Russian Defense Ministry called on the other hand a Violation of fire safety rules at the Saki base as the most likely cause.

That Ukrainian Ministry of Defense shared it could not say anything about the cause of the explosions. But there is Danger of Russia falsifying evidence of an alleged Ukrainian attack.

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