Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski has criticized an Amnesty International (AI) report on alleged violations of international law by his armed forces. He accused the human rights organization of shifting responsibility from the aggressor to the victim. Anyone who makes such a connection “has to admit that they are helping terrorists,” Selenski said in a video speech on Thursday evening.

Amnesty held the Ukrainian army in a report suggests that they often operate from homes, schools, or hospitals, thereby provoking Russian fire on these civilian objects. This is a violation of international humanitarian law. However, the Ukrainian violations “in no way justify the many indiscriminate strikes by the Russian military with civilian casualties” that Amnesty has documented in recent months.

In response to the report, Russia’s Defense Ministry in Moscow on Thursday identified alleged examples of Ukrainian troops holed up in homes or schools.

“Any attempt to question the right of Ukrainians to resist the genocide, to protect their families and homes” is a “perversion,” Ukrainian Defense Minister Olekxiy Reznikov wrote on Facebook.

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