Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

The recent Russian attack on the city of Dnipro, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, underlines how necessary better and faster coordinated decisions on arms deliveries are. Ukraine is expecting important decisions from its partners at the Ramstein meeting, the President said in his evening video speech. The states that support Ukraine in the war against Russia will meet at the US air base in Rhineland-Palatinate on Friday.

40 people were killed in a rocket attack on a block of flats in central Dnipro on Saturday. According to authorities, around 30 people are still missing. “What happened in Dnipro, the fact that Russia is preparing new attempts to take the initiative in the war, the fact that the nature of military action at the front requires new decisions on arms supplies – this only underlines the importance of everyone Coordinate efforts of the coalition in defense of Ukraine and freedom. And speed up decision-making.”

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