Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

According to insiders, the US is considering supplying Ukraine with weapons that could reach far into Russian territory. The aerospace and armaments group Boeing has brought its GLSDB (Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb) system into play, in which small, cheap precision bombs can be mounted on numerous existing missiles, according to industry circles.

However, it is one of about six plans for how Ukraine could be supplied with additional weapons. Boeing’s system could be delivered from spring 2023. It combines the GBU-39 bomb with M26 missiles, both of which are in large numbers in US stockpiles. The range of this system is 150 kilometers and has been developed by Boeing together with SAAB since 2019. Neither Boeing nor the US Department of Defense wanted to comment on the information.

The longer the Russian war against Ukraine lasts, the more weapons Ukraine needs. The country is already receiving HIMARS missiles from the USA. “We need weapons to win this war,” said the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Oleksii Makeiev, on ZDF on Monday.

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