Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

Russia according to a US media report agreement closed with Iran to future to manufacture Iranian attack drones in their own country.

In the war of aggression against Ukraine, Russia has already deployed hundreds of so-called Kamikaze drones of the Iranian type Shahed-136. You can fly a few hundred kilometersorbit a target area for a period of time, and then swoop down on a target with an explosive charge. The Russian army uses the drones for, among other things Attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure a. With its own production, Russia could expand the attacks.

Work is underway to get production up and running within months, the Washington Post wrote on Saturday, citing three government officials familiar with intelligence information available to American and other Western intelligence agencies. The agreement was negotiated in Iran in early November. The Iranian side is currently in the process of handing over design documents and key components for production.

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