Russia’s war against Ukraine – all developments

About a week after Withdrawal of Russian troops from the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson investigators have there, according to the government 63 bodies with signs of torture discovered. However, the investigations are only just beginning, Ukrainian Interior Minister Denys Monastyrskyj said on Thursday, according to the domestic news agency Interfax Ukraine.

Law enforcement agencies uncovered 436 war crimes cases during the Russian occupation. Eleven places of detention were found, including four where torture had taken place. “Investigators are in the process of investigating and recording every case of torture. The bodies of the dead are also being exhumed,” said Monastyrskyj.

A representative of the Kherson prosecutor’s office told the New York Times that testimonies had been collected on 800 arrests by Russian troops in the region. The most common abuses were electric shocks, beatings with plastic or rubber truncheons, and the cutting off of the breathing tube of a gas mask that was pulled over the heads of prisoners.

Ukraine and international investigators accuse Russia of war crimes in occupied territories. Russia denies its troops have targeted civilians and committed atrocities. Mass graves were found in other areas previously occupied by Russian troops, including some containing the bodies of civilians showing signs of torture.

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