Russia Submits Bill on Bitcoin Mining to Parliament: May Be Legal in 2023

Under the new mining law submitted to the Russian State Duma, miners will be able to operate legally, but the law will impose certain obligations.

to the Russian State Duma 17 November Mining bill submitted on documentation, reporting and payment obligations He touched on many topics such as: While the bill puts Russian miners in an official status, it also includes some obligations.

A Bitcoin miner who dominates the region Didar Bekbau, said that thanks to the new draft law, it can sell the crypto money obtained from mining using Russian information infrastructure. In addition, Bekbau stated that the agreement is not related to mining, but to cryptocurrencies. independent letting go and the circulation of commodities, businesses and services, as well as restrictions on the advertising and other presentation of cryptocurrencies.

Bekbau, the bill’s mining pools formal aspect that you define and that miners are required to declare information about acquiring digital currency.

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