Russia gave 13 companies, including Google and Apple, until the end of the year!

In Turkey October 2020also entered into force Social Media Law together with foreign-based companies in our country obligation to appoint a representative had been brought. Organizations that did not accept these regulations had to pay a fine of millions of lira. Now a similar move has come from Russia.

Russian Federal Information Technologies and Mass Media Supervision Agency (Roskomnadzor) gave 13 overseas-based IT companies, including Google and Apple, until the end of the year to open representative offices in the country.

The new cleaner of Google offices: Robots!

Alphabet, which includes companies that lead technology such as Google, started to have these robots clean their offices!

Russia has published the list of companies it wants to open a representative office!

Roskomnadzor, on 1st of July With the enactment, 500 thousand per day Foreign-based IT companies that reach or exceed the number of visitors will open an office or Russia will appoint a representative who can deal with it. for this January 1, 2022He gave time until

Russia Google

The companies that will appoint representatives next month in the list published by Russia are as follows: Google, Apple, Meta (Facebook, Instagram, parent company of WhatsApp), Twitter, TikTok, Zoom, Viber, Spotify, Likeme Pte.Ltd., Discord, Pinterest, Twitch and Telegram.

Even if the companies on the list open the requested representative offices, Russia does not end their demands with this. In addition, providing a feedback form for Russian users on websites, for interaction with public institutions. RoskomnadzorThe obligation to create an account on the site and put a visitor counter on its pages has been brought.

What does the Social Media Law in force in our country aim at?

  • Domestic and foreign social media platformssocial network providerRenamed ”.
  • In addition to the IP addresses of the users, port information was also provided.
  • It became mandatory for every social network provider to have at least one representative in Turkey.
  • In the first place, companies that do not have a representative in Turkey 1 to 10 million TL between, if at the end of 10 days 30 million TL It was aimed to impose administrative fines.
  • Providers that come to the last stage can be subject to a 50 percent bandwidth throttling penalty in the first step and a 90 percent bandwidth throttling penalty in the second step.

Many such things have actually been put into effect with thought in mind. So what do you think about this situation? Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments!

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