Ronaldo and Messi shared the same photo at the same time

Two of the world’s biggest football stars, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, shared the same photo at the same time for a brand’s advertising work. The posts reached millions of likes in a short time.

Almost the only expectation of football fans from the 2022 Qatar World Cup is two names that have been at the top of World football for a very long time. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo”one last dance” manner in the World Cup final. It is not known whether the two phenomena will meet in the cup final, but before the final of Louis Vuitton came together for the ad campaign.

Both actors shared the same photo on their social media accounts at the same time. Messi and Ronaldo on Louis Vuitton bags playing chess These images managed to get millions of likes in a short time. Many famous names were among the commentators.

Here are those posts:

“Victory is a mood. It’s a long tradition of crate crafting for @louisvuitton, photographed by @annieleibovitz.”

Here are the comments on those posts

Note: We often see goat emoticons and goat emojis in comments. Because both players are described as GOAT, that is, “The greatest of all time”.

“There’s not much to see here… Just two goats playing chess.”


“1 frame. 1600 goals. 800 assists. 12 Golden Balls.”

mary comment

siuu comment


“What a time to live though. Two goats together in one photo. This photo will definitely break the internet. The best thing I’ve seen this year.”


“This photo needs to go to the museum…”


“Tag him bro”



“Is this a sign? Argentina vs Portugal.. 2022 World Cup final”


“I can’t stay calm. I feel like this is the end. The greatest photograph of all time.”



“I don’t know if this picture makes me incredibly happy or incredibly sad. Two GOATS.”


“I wonder how much was the #Legends Marketing budget?”

Finally, the sharing of Cristiano Ronaldo during the preparation of this content 13.4 millionShared by Lionel Messi 11.2 million it was appreciated.

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