Rolls-Royce’s all-electric plane breaks speed record

The electric vehicle craze continues to develop at full speed all over the world. Automobile companies enter the world of electric vehicles big budgets being separated. So much so that many companies, in line with the plans they set, all-electric vehicle announced that they will design it. This development in the automobile world is now followed by aviation.

Known for its jet engines in the aviation industry Rolls-Royce‘s first all-electric aircraft Spirit of Innovation continues to exceed his speed limit. of the world fastest all-electric vehicle A new record came from the plane, which was taking firm steps towards becoming a world leader.

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Spirit of Innovation reached speeds of 623 kilometers per hour

Checking and approving world aerospace records World Air Sports Federation the one which Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI)Rolls-Royce’s all-electric aircraft on test flights speed record broke. Earlier, the company reported that it reached a speed of 556 kilometers per hour on November 16. So much so that this speed broke the current record. 213 kilometers per hour It meant that it passed quickly.

According to the latest test flight, the first all-electric aircraft, Spirit of Innovation, to a speed of 623 kilometers reaching his own record world record refreshed. Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Roycestated that they want to be a pioneer in this field and that they still have a lot of work to do. In addition, East said;

Breaking the speed record in the world of all-electric vehicles is a great achievement for the ACCEL team and Rolls-Royce. I would like to thank our partners and especially Electroflight for their cooperation in making this pioneering breakthrough. It was also an exciting step forward for the advanced battery and propulsion technology developed for this program. This record will pioneer the technological breakthroughs society needs to decarbonize transport by air, land and sea.

on the plane rated at 400 kW combined with the electric powertrain so far in aviation most powerful battery pack used. Apparently Electroflight and ACCEL The work carried out jointly with the company will make a name for itself in the aviation world in the coming periods.

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