Rolls-Royce Demonstrates Nuclear Reactor to Be Used on the Moon

Continuing to work on aerospace technologies, Rolls-Royce demonstrated its nuclear reactor to be used on the Moon. Detailed information about the reactor was not shared.

NASA announced last week that it had signed a critical collaboration. The cooperation in question is responsible for producing new technologies for the US military. DARPA* This included conducting nuclear engine tests for actual and future Mars missions.

While the first infrastructure was created for nuclear tests, which are critical for the future of the space age, a new share came from a private company today. Rolls-Royceshared the first image of the nuclear reactor that will provide energy to the bases planned to be established on the Moon.

Rolls-Royce’s nuclear reactor to power the Moon:

Rolls-Royce’s nuclear reactor may seem irrelevant to many considering the familiar side of the company. But the company, which has worked on aircraft engines and rocket engines to date, has also since 2015 He was also working on a small modular reactor.

The nuclear reactor, of which Rolls-Royce shared its image, will be an extension of the modular reactors it has developed. reactor,”Rolls-Royce Micro-Reactorwill bear the name. The company only shared the following information about the reactor:

“The Rolls-Royce Micro-Reactor is designed to use an inherently safe and extremely robust form of fuel. Each uranium particle is coated with multiple protective layers that act as a containment system that enables it to withstand extreme conditions.”


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