Rocks Made of Plastic Discovered!

Scientists came across rocks made of plastic on the Brazilian island of Trindade, which is uninhabited.

Plastic pollution, especially in our oceans and seas, continues to be on the agenda of the entire scientific world. A recent discovery made is that nature is now aware of this issue. you’re starting to sound the alarm It’s a new proof.

The rocks found on Trindade Island, Brazil’s volcanic island, surprised scientists in the first place. Scientists examining the rocks seen in blue-green color have determined that this green structure is actually it is plastic with the fact faced.

Plastic rocks discovered in Brazil:

plastic rock

The rocks on the island, located 1,140 kilometers off the coast of Brazil, were formed by the aggregation of molten plastic, granules and other particles. No people lived on the island. So these plastics were plastics found in the ocean and hitting the island. The largest source of plastics is nets used by fishermen was.

plastic rock

These rocks have actually been in our literature for a long time:

Rocks formed with plastics are known in the scientific world as “plastiglomerateIt’s called ‘. The first of these was found in Hawaii in 2006. The discovery was made by marine scientist Charles Moore.


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