Robot Ventures Acquires Former Goldman Sachs Employee

New generation blockchain from investment firms Robot Ventureshas incorporated an important name into its structure.

Attempt, Ethereum on a network DeFi acquired Hart Lambur, a developer and former trader at American banking giant Goldman Sachs. The announcement was made via Twitter.

“Our new venture partner, Hart Lambur, welcomes you to the Robot family. Hart will add a lot of experience to us as the developer of the UMA and Across protocols. In addition, he will actively work with us for the projects we invest in”

Founded in 2020 with a fund of 4 million dollars, Robot Ventures supported companies such as Nansen, Argent and LayerZero in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi).

The startup created quite a stir in the crypto community when it recruited the crypto superintendent Tarun Chitra.

Chitra, who specializes in Mathematics at Cornell University, is also the founder of Gauntlet, an initiative that researches crypto networks.

Hart Lambur, on the other hand, prior to the crypto space, worked as an interest trader at Goldman Sachs for 7 years and provided liquidity to the US Treasury.

What Does Ventures Mean?

The word Ventures means “enterprise” in English. The companies that appear in the crypto money news, on the other hand, are collecting funds from investors who do not want to buy crypto money, but want to invest in this field. With the funds collected, companies conduct research and invest in new crypto projects. The profit is shared with the investor.

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