Robinhood Announces Listing Avalanche (AVAX) and Stellar (XLM)

The world-famous investment platform Robinhood does not seem to have lost its interest in cryptocurrencies. With a statement made today, they announced that they have included Avalanche (AVAX) and Stellar (XLM) on their platforms.

Robinhood, an American-based cryptocurrency and stock trading platform, AVAX and XLM announced that it had listed its assets. The news of the listing in these days, when cryptocurrencies are close to their bottom prices, had a positive effect on prices. Avax today approx. 8%increased by , and at the time of writing from $30 traded in the markets. In addition, Xlm 7%with a rising performance from $0.133 traded in the markets.

This is not Robinhood’s first cryptocurrency listing. in last April shiba inu (SHIB), wither (LEFT), polygon (MATIC) and compound The stock market listing cryptocurrencies such as (COMP) was on the agenda of the discussions. After the listings, there were voluminous transactions, especially on the Shiba Inu, and within a day 36%An increase was observed. about 4 years ago dogecoinRobinhood does not seem to have lost interest in cryptocurrencies. In addition, with an announcement by Robinhood in August last year, the revenue from Dogecoin transactions in the second quarter of the year was announced by the company. 62% of total cryptocurrency revenues created was announced.

Robinhood platform, which contains many cryptocurrencies, was recently approved by New York Financial Regulators. $30 million fine had been sentenced. 16 million The platform, which has around users, is in the anti-money-money program. lack of staff and the company to the volume and to growth momentum by the regulators on the grounds that it does not have a suitable program the penalty in question was deemed appropriate.

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