Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock choose the salami tactic

Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck

The allegations come at a difficult time for politicians.

(Photo: imago images/Chris Emil Janssen)

Annalena Baerbock is currently on a good run. Friend and foe alike confirm that the Foreign Minister is doing a good job. Now, of all times, the past is catching up with her. It is about a corona bonus of 1500 euros, which the entire federal executive board, including Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, unlawfully approved. The amount may be small, the political damage is great.

The special payment came at a time when nurses and doctors were doing superhuman things. The politicians and their employees, on the other hand, were among the more privileged in the corona crisis. This process then fell on the feet of the Greens in the federal election campaign.

They apologized, paid back the bonus and promised transparency for the future. But they didn’t take care of the latter. It was only research by “Spiegel” that led to the public finding out about the public prosecutor’s investigation into this cause.

The Greens, who like to moralize when others fail, once again behaved like politicians from all parties. The salami tactic applies – only admit what is known anyway.

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The allegations are dangerous for Baerbock and Habeck. Should the investigation result in an indictment, the foreign minister and the vice chancellor would be in the public dock. Even if in the event of a conviction for breach of trust, there will probably only be a penalty order.

The debate also comes at a difficult time for the Greens. In the coming week they want to elect a party leader. The investigation could be used by the base as an outlet for anything. The Greens, traditionally skeptical about leadership, could accuse those in front of them that they swapped government offices for principles.

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