RKI reports more than 42,000 new infections – Biontech boss considers vaccine to be very effective despite breakthroughs

Of the Managing Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn has the much criticized Biontech corona vaccine limit on order quantities defended. “I know that this short-term change means a lot of additional stress for many committed helpers on site in the doctor’s offices and vaccination centers. And I expressly regret that, ”said the CDU politician to the German press agency on Saturday. the Demand for Biontech has been like this for the past two weeks increased stronglythat the Warehouse empty very quickly. In the new week alone, almost six million doses would be delivered to the vaccinating agencies. That is more than there has ever been in Germany in terms of booster vaccinations.

An overview by the Ministry of Health on vaccine deliveries also shows that Germany is expected to be almost Biontech will donate 8.8 million cans to third countries through the Covax initiative or donated.

With Biontech and Moderna there are two excellent and highly effective vaccines. There are enough of both to vaccinate 50 million people by the end of the year, said Spahn. “I can promise that anyone who wants to get vaccinated will get a good, safe and effective vaccine.” In some studies on the effectiveness of booster vaccinations, a third vaccination with Moderna even performed better than one with Biontech.

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