Rıza Baba was shot! Reactions from the Back Streets audience

The longest-lasting TV series in Turkish television history, continuing for 16 years without interruption. Back Streets, Rıza Baba devastated his fans. The character of Rıza Soylu, played by the famous 79-year-old actor Zafer Ergin, who has been playing in the series since the first episode, was shot in the 610th episode that came to the screen tonight.

Zafer Ergin, who gave life to the character of Mehmet Karahanlı in the Kurtlar Vadisi series, has been continuing his acting career as Rıza Baba in Arka Sokaklar for 16 years. Rıza Soylu, who was at the head of the special security team of the Istanbul Police Department due to the scenario, was in danger of death due to his role in the previous episodes of the series. However Reşat Hoca He saved Soylu every time.

Back Sokaklar’s Ali drowned his fans, Twitter shook!

Saying goodbye to Arka Sokaklar with the 600th episode, Ali (Alp Korkmaz) created a mourning effect on social media.

Will Rıza Baba no longer be in the Back Streets series?

That scene, which fell like a bomb on the agenda of social media today, took its place at the top of the trend list on Twitter. Continuing his role consistently for 610 episodes Riza Baba, Back Streets He was shot in front of his home in the series. However, it has not been finalized yet whether the character is dead and Zafer Ergin has left the series.

The subject that all Turkey wonders about; “Will Zafer Ergin leave the series?” The answer to this question will be revealed in the next chapters. However, the predictions are that Rıza Baba will not continue the series; even if he does, he will stay in the background, that is, he will not be in the team as a manager as before.

Zafer Ergin, portrayed in the Valley of the Wolves before Back Streets Mehmet Karahanli appreciated for his character. Although years have passed, the audience of the period still associates Ergin with the character of Karahan.

Ali (Alp Korkmaz) was also shot dead

Back Sokaklar has almost fallen leaves this season. The character of Ali, which continued for 15 seasons, was shot and died. portraying the character Alp Korkmaz out of the show. On the other hand, the audience reacted to the series management, arguing that Korkmaz was not bid farewell as he deserved. also Zelis (Yüsra Deer) and Tekin (Mr. Honor) He also said goodbye to Back Streets.

Social media reactions to the shooting of Rıza Baba

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