Ripple Hits These Crazy Levels in December!

A viral image has emerged in which Bart Simpson “predicts” the future price action of Ripple (XRP). But the image is not real. The Simpsons are famous for predicting several notable world events in the show’s universe before they eventually happen in the real world. The image dates back to 2020, but never appeared in the animated series.

Ripple forecast speculation on The Simpsons

Although the Simpsons writers devote a chapter to the cryptocurrency in 2020, the XRP price prediction is not actually available. A fake Simpsons screenshot deceived humble Ripple investors. A still image of Bart Simpson’s school blackboard reading “XRP will reach $589 by the end of the year” started circulating again on social media this week. However, those who shared the picture could not confirm its authenticity. Several crypto media outlets, YouTube videos, and Reddit posts incorrectly cited the fake screenshot as one of the show’s famous predictions.

During its 34 seasons, The Simpsons made headlines several times for predicting major world events. Notable predictions include the election of Donald Trump as US President in 2016 and the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney in 2017. However, Bart’s XRP estimate is actually an edited screenshot and was not posted at the beginning of any of the 729 episodes of the show.

The origin of the image dates back to 2020

The fake screenshot dates back to 2020, when a YouTube channel called “XRP talk and speculation” used it in the thumbnail of a video. More than a year later, the Twitter account admitted that they created that screenshot specifically for one of their videos. But it seems that the tweet went largely unnoticed. This resulted in the spread of misinformation around the fake image.

Coincidentally, The Simpsons created an episode dedicated to cryptocurrency at the same time the fake screenshot was revealed. Released on the Fox network on February 23, 2020, “Frinkcoin” focuses on one of the show’s longtime characters, Professor Frink, creating his own cryptocurrency. Despite the crypto link, the opening of that episode does not include a post where Bart makes XRP price predictions.

XRP was on the agenda

Ripple Labs and its XRP token dominated the crypto space this week, thanks to new developments in the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit against the company. Both Ripple and the SEC have called for a summary judgment meaning that the case will not go to court and will instead be decided by its judge, Analisa Torres.

In response, the XRP token rose more than 50 percent, demonstrating the market’s faith. However, the token has rebounded most of its gains due to the worsening macroeconomic situation affecting risk assets such as cryptocurrencies. A decision on whether Ripple’s 2018 XRP token sale is an unregistered security offering is expected by mid-December.

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