Ripple Exit from Crypto Phenomenon: I Won’t Buy XRP Even If It Wins The Case

Crypto phenom and YouTuber Lark Davis, with over 1 million subscribers, voiced his desired outcome in the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple (XRP).

As we previously reported, the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple and its executives in December 2020 for alleged unregistered sale of securities. Lark Davis shared today to tweet According to him, he wants a Ripple win. However, the famous YouTuber still seems determined not to buy any XRP. Davis says this despite predicting that if Ripple wins the lawsuit in November, the price of the asset will rally massively.

“I hope XRP wins the case… but I still won’t buy it.”

It is worth noting that Davis does not think very well against the 6th largest Cryptocurrency by market cap. In December 2021, Davis described XRP as “the most disappointing cryptocurrency in the top 10,” claiming it no longer belongs there. Last November, he questioned the value of XRP after using MATIC at JPMorgan Aave. In particular, the comments last November drew a sharp response from Lawyer John Deaton, who claimed that the famous phenomenon did not know the difference between Ripple and XRP.

As a result, it is not surprising that there has been negative interaction between several members of the XRP community and the YouTuber. In response to Davis’ tweet, many expressed disregard for his opinion. Others claimed that they still do not know the difference between XRP and Ripple.

Several experts have expressed their support for Ripple recently, arguing for a definitive Ripple win as the best possible outcome. This is because it is believed to force the SEC to establish clear rules for the crypto space and halt the regulation campaign through enforcement. In contrast, the crypto community expects a huge bloodbath in the market should Ripple lose, as SEC chairman Gary Gensler claims that most cryptos other than Bitcoin are securities.

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Source : the crypto basic

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