Rights from 2024/25: DAZN secures even more Champions League | Sports

From 2024, DAZN will show even more Champions League!

According to SPORT BILD and BILD information, the streaming platform will secure most of the rights to the premier class for three years from the 2024/25 season.

As before, DAZN will usually broadcast all games on Wednesday (individually and in conference) and everything on Tuesday except for one game that will run exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The platform comes up with a total of 186 of 201 possible games that are broadcast per season. So far there have been 110 games.

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New: Due to the reform of the premier class with 36 instead of 32 participants, there are now more games per season. So there are a total of 189 games in the Champions League plus twelve games in the last play-off round of qualification. By 2023/24 there will still be 125 matches (plus twelve qualifying games).

Then it will no longer be played in eight groups, but in a league of 36. Each club then plays eight games (previously six) in the preliminary round in the “Swiss system” – against eight different opponents (four at home and four away). The top eight teams then advance directly to the round of 16. The teams in places ninth to 24 will play the other eight round of 16 participants in an intermediate round with a return match.

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There are other changes to the mode: The first match day of the league takes place over three days. There are six games (two early kick-offs, four late kick-offs) on Tuesday and Wednesday. In addition, this one round will also be played on Thursday, with another six games. Here Amazon shows a Tuesday encounter, DAZN all other games.

The last league match day will also be restructured. All 18 games will be kicked off at 9 p.m. on Wednesday – and everything will be broadcast by DAZN.

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