Rick and Morty writer Justin Roiland leaves the series!

Rick and Morty, which appeared in front of our screens in 2013, has managed to collect likes by multiplying its popularity since the day it was published. Undoubtedly in the success of the animation, he is the executive producer and the voice of the two main characters (Rick and Morty). Justin Roiland had a large share. However, after a claim made recently and it turned out to be true, bad news came from Roiland.

Justin Roiland leaves Rick and Morty cast!

The producer of Rick and Morty last night. Adult SwimHe shared a post on his Twitter account. In its post, Adult Swim announced that it has parted ways with Justin Roiland, who has so far been the writer, voice actor and executive producer of the series. Also saying that Rick and Morty will continue, the producer stated that his talented and dedicated team is working hard for the 7th season.

Although Rick and Morty fans were stunned by this decision, subsequent news confirms this decision. So much so that Justin Roiland will die in 2020 due to domestic violence. arrested and was released on bail. As the trial was approaching, this incident came to light as the public was informed. April 27 Justin Roiland, who will go to trial again on violence, fraud, threats and bodily injury being prosecuted for his crimes.

The most watched series on Netflix have been announced!

The most watched series on Netflix have been announced!

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Also, according to the later news, Justin Roiland is also from Squanch Games, the game company he founded after Rick and Morty. resigned. The game maker, who gained popularity with the High on Life game, announced this resignation with a tweet he shared last night and made the following statements:

”On January 16, 2023, Squanch Games received the resignation of Justin Roiland. Our passionate team at Squanch will continue to develop games and we know our fans will continue to love us as we develop and support High on Life.”

It is not yet known who will be added to the Rick and Morty team. Replacing Justin Roiland, who voices both Rick and Morty, must have been tough for the team. Moreover for 6 seasons Fans, accustomed to Roiland’s voice as a voice actor, do not think that the newcomer in the series will be successful.

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