REvil, the world’s most dangerous hacker group, has been disbanded!

The group REvil, which was captured by Russia and its members were arrested, has now been disbanded. The news that REvil, the world’s largest ransomware gang, was disbanded gave tech giants a sigh of relief. The assets of the cyber hackers who made a name for themselves with ransomware were also seized. Here are the details…

REvil -Ransomware Evil-, which has cyber-attacked many individuals and institutions from international companies to American presidents, has officially disappeared. In the statement made by the Russian Federation Security Service, it was announced that the gang dispersed with the operation.

Russia has arrested members of the famous ransomware gang REvil!

Russia has arrested members of the world-renowned ransomware gang REvil. He also confiscated his assets exceeding TL 100 million.

Russia confiscates REvil’s assets

Russian Federation Security Service 600 thousand dollars in crypto money, 426 million rubles in total. 5.5 million seized the dollar. The Security Service also announced that it seized 20 premium cars. REvil, taking the opportunity to stop production during the federal holiday last year, made a massive ransomware attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat company. The gang, again last summer biggest cyber attack in history known as Kaseya had carried out the attack.

After the attacks that took place last summer, big companies became very nervous. To these attacks of REvil BlackMatter it’s called. It is unclear whether the Russian state and the FSB will provide detailed information on the operations. After the gang was disbanded after being arrested, people now breathe a sigh of relief. It is unclear whether the group will ever get back together.

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